Pet Cremation Services

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Entrusting someone with the responsibility to care for the cremation of your pet is not an easy decision. We understand and want you to know that we treat every pet as if they were our own.

Different Types of Pet Cremation

Communal – This option is for those who do not wish to have their pet’s ashes returned to them. Your pet will be cremated with a group of other pets at the same time with their own identification number. When the cremation process is finished, Entrusted Pets will, respectively, inter the pets’ ashes in a designated spot in Rim Country.

Individual/Semi Private Pet Cremation – This option means that a group of pets (between 2 – 4) will be placed in a separate quadrant of the retort at one time and are not touching one another. Each pet is given their own identification number.

Private Pet Cremation – This option means that only your pet will be placed in the retort at the time of the cremation. Your pet is given their own identification number.

Entrusted Pets Offers

  • Private and Semi-Private pet cremation services
  • Witness pet cremations
  • Private personal gathering prior to the cremation of your pet (see memorial services)
  • A complete list of checks and balances to ensure your pet’s identification, including a stainless steel identification disc that will accompany and identify your pet’s remains throughout the cremation process
  • We own and operate the finest, safest, and most efficient cremation equipment as part of our overall commitment to the families we serve

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