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  Filling the void left behind when a beloved pet dies is one of the most difficult things a pet owner will ever have to face. Grieving is a necessary and natural process that cannot be avoided. Though universal, every person experiences grief in his or her own, individual way. Some prefer to move on [...]

Preparing to Lose a Pet that is Ill

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Knowing that your time with your pet is limited is never easy. We like to believe that our pets will always be around, but unfortunately that is not the case. Just the subject about death can make many people feel anxious and most of us find the mere thought of planning ahead very difficult. If [...]

What To Do With A Deceased Pet’s Ashes

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  Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is a difficult process for anyone who has grown close to an animal. The grief associated with the loss of a furry companion can be overwhelming. In the past, pet owners had limited options for aftercare, usually resorting to informal disposal of a pet’s remains by a veterinarian. [...]

Honoring the Life of Your Pet With a Memorial

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  Human beings are instinctually driven to honor the deceased through formal memorial services. Civilizations from far and wide have practiced end-of-life rituals in one form or another for centuries. Memorial services allow us to honor the dead, reflect on the relevance of our relationships with the deceased, and bring closure to those relationships. For many pet owners, the [...]

Entrusted Pets: Honoring the Human-Animal Bond

  The human-animal bond can be as powerful as many of our most important human relationships. Our pets are dependent on us for food, healthcare, entertainment and affection. In many ways, we are just as dependent on them for companionship and unconditional love. They are our best friends and our family. Just like losing a [...]