Pet Cremation: Questions You Should Ask

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  Pets are not only cherished companions, they are mans best friend, which makes it all the more tough to see them pass away. The best way to honor them is to know ahead of time the right way to see your beloved pet off. When considering cremation for your pet, there are a few [...]

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Our dogs play a special role in our lives and can quickly weave their way into our families. When a beloved dog passes away, the sense of loss felt by the family can be quite powerful. Dog cremation provides many pet owners the opportunity to pay tribute to their departed friends and can play a key [...]

Making Arrangements for a Sudden Death of a Pet

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  Suddenly losing a beloved pet can rock your world. Ideally we would like our pets to die peacefully in their sleep of old age, but unfortunately, this is not always the case. Our love for our pets is often unconditional and therefore grieving for them is only natural. When your pet is suddenly taken [...]

Selecting A Pet Urn for Your Deceased Pet

  Our pets play an important role in our lives providing love and companionship. When a pet dies, a great sense of grief can overcome those who cared for a beloved pet. Many people opt for pet cremation as a way to memorialize the relationship they shared and keep their remains close. In the past, [...]

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  Losing a beloved family pet can be very difficult. On top of the immense grief, taking care of their remains may be the last thing you want to think about right after their passing. Often overwhelmed after facing the loss of their pet, owners may find themselves unprepared to handle the proper disposition of [...]

What To Do With A Deceased Pet’s Ashes

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  Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is a difficult process for anyone who has grown close to an animal. The grief associated with the loss of a furry companion can be overwhelming. In the past, pet owners had limited options for aftercare, usually resorting to informal disposal of a pet’s remains by a veterinarian. [...]

Finding a Tasteful Urn to Remember Your Cat

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  Cat lovers understand all-too-well how intertwined our feline friends become with our day-to-day lives. They are creatures of habit, whose daily rituals demand they be incorporated into our own routines. Whether it’s a welcome nightly snuggle or a less-welcome morning wake-up call, the absence of these rituals when a kitty passes on leaves a [...]

Understanding Pet Cremation

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  Losing a pet, whether anticipated or sudden, is a heart-breaking experience. Pet owners coping with grief over a lost pet often find themselves overwhelmed and unprepared to make decisions regarding the remains of their beloved companion. Many pet owners are moved to honor their departed friends after leaving this world and are turning to [...]